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Project: New Build in Findhorn

David approached the entire building project positively and calmly despite complex engineering specifications and serious restrictions to site access.

He is measured and thoughtful when making decisions, always takes time to consult with his clients and team, and finds an acceptable solution to every obstacle.

He and all his trades colleagues are reliable, produce top quality results and are a delight to work with. The result, of what has been a challenging project, is a high quality new home that is much admired.

Findhorn Client

New Build in Findhorn New Build in Findhorn New Build in Findhorn

Project: Lochaber Cottage

David was the main contractor for my three bedroom eco-house, completed in December 2018.

I have been concerned about climate change for a long time and it has long been my ambition to live in a state-of-the art ecohouse. The house is built to the Passive House Institute's Low Energy Building Standard. The construction is timber frame, with wood- fibre insulation and Scottish larch cladding. Central heating is via an air source heat pump. Solar thermal and solar PV panels are fitted.

I chose David as the builder after hearing of his good reputation and seeing that he was a good communicator when I met him. David was open to communication and responsive to questions during the design phase - before he was commissioned - and contributed to my choice of materials and important aspects of the design. I was pleased to find that David remained a good communicator throughout the project, which helped me to feel that the project was going smoothly throughout.

Inevitably perhaps, there were a number of challenges - around drainage during initial ground works, and suitability of some of the specified materials during construction. These were all quickly resloved through telephone calls, emails and site visits.

I would heartily recommend David to others, especially to those interested in low energy building. David is honest, responsive and all his work is of the highest standard.

Lochaber Cottage

FMB Award

Lochaber Cottage Lochaber Cottage Lochaber Cottage

Project: Woodside Cottage

We were personally recommended David by friends who had used his services and it proved to be an excellent decision.

In conjunction with our architect, and discussions with David, we decided on a fairly traditional looking cottage, in keeping with the mature plot. Throughout the design and build David came up with many insightful/helpful/practical suggestions that greatly enhanced the project, resulting (in our opinion!) in an extremely attractive, welcoming family home.

Working alongside David is his team - a professional, hard-working, friendly bunch of lads. The quality of materials and workmanship has been of the highest standard.

In summary, we would thoroughly recommend MacGillivray Construction for any potential building project.

Paul & Andie Couper
Woodside Cottage

158 Findhorn 158 Findhorn 158 Findhorn

Project: Roseisle New Build

David was the main contractor for our three bedroom Eco house in College of Roseisle.

We chose David because he came highly recommended by former clients and builders who had worked for him. When we first met him, we were impressed by his ability to listen, taking our ideas on board, fully engaging in the process and making helpful comments and suggestions.

It had been a lifelong dream of mine to live in a healthy, low energy Eco house in the countryside. We therefore chose natural and healthy materials wherever possible. David engaged with us to source some of those.

For the structure we had chosen Porotherm bricks, big highly porous clay blocks, insulated inside with volcanic material. With lime render inside and out they provide great insulation and thermal mass at the same time, which makes for a comfortable room climate, storing heat and radiating it back into the room when needed.

David had never worked with these blocks before, but was up for the challenge. We are delighted with the house as it does fulfil all our expectations and more. David highly enough, he was always available and took time to listen and communicated clearly. Any of our anxieties were met with calm measured responses.

He never panicked or reacted defensively, accepted challenges as they came and found solutions. He and his craftsmen worked to highest standards David clearly loves his work and takes pride in it, which shows in the quality of his building standards.

Liselotte and Peter
Roseisle Eco House

FMB Award

Roseisle New Build Roseisle New Build Roseisle New Build Roseisle New Build

Project: Ampersand - 158 Findhorn

At the start of our renovation project we were assured by a neighbour that if David was our builder, we would be in good hands. This was indeed our experience.

The work was flawless. Every detail was top quality. Nothing was rushed. There was no cutting corners. Unasked, only the best materials were used. We especially appreciated that our 19th century cottage retained its Scottish style and was not a pastiche of a different style altogether.

The renovations were on time, in budget and far better than we had ever expected or even hoped for. We are delighted.

Robin and Gay Graham
Ampersand - 158 Findhorn

158 Findhorn 158 Findhorn 158 Findhorn

Project: New House

David MacGillivray is a first class builder. He is also a first class Project Manager .... an essential quality for the efficiency of a small firm building your house.

David prides himself on his craft and employs specialists who think the same way. He is very good at listening to what you want and explaining the best way to go about it.

He gives you detailed printouts of the costs, so that the budget can be examined in detail and modified if necessary. These are up-dated as the project advances. He keeps in touch throughout the project, and he or his team will always listen to a doubt or query.

If you are looking for someone to build you a first class house, we have no hesitation in recommending David MacGillivray.

William & Mary Purser

Project: New Cottage Dormer Windows

MacGillivray Construction recently completed work for me which included creating dormer windows in the roof of my cottage and replacing Velux windows.

I have been delighted with the whole process. The estimate for the work was meticulously detailed, tradesmen and materials arrived when stated and all work was carried out in good time.

As with all old properties, unexpected issues arose when the roof was opened up. These were all dealt with professionally and with the integrity of the job as the main consideration.

All the tradesmen involved were easy to have around, polite and very friendly. They all seemed happy in their work and with each other. They would clarify what was wanted when necessary and give advise or suggestions when they felt it was appropriate. All the work was done to a very high standard, with great attention to detail. The site was left tidy and all debris removed. My neighbour commented on how well the site was cleared at the end of the job.

I would have no hesitation in employing MacGillivray Construction again or recommending them to others.

Steve and Amanda Cox
Findhorn Village       

Project: New Build

We met David in 2013. David was already highly recommended by our new neighbours at the Muirside farm house.

We found David most helpful in the pricing of our house. He very keenly laid every aspect of the costs out in a comprehensive spread sheet, so everything was clear from the start. This also made it easy to pick out parts such as Windows , doors or heating system, for further discussion.

We had spoken with other larger building firms, but their commitment to this level of conversation was limited, compared to David's enthusiasm.

David Was able to advise us on Which Archietects to go to and once the warrant had been draw up by them and approved by the council, he was able to cost most acurately the build. This also helped enormously with applying to lenders.

We bought our site in 2012 and we had , to say the least a bumpy ride in getting things together, dealing with the various red tape! We were quite bewildered by the time we were ready to build and from the beginning, it was actually the build process which I was most worried about!

However handing it over to David was the best thing we did, He worked directly and specifically to the warrant, without complication.

As you can see we have an amazing house and a whole new life!

Jason Cunningham & Shona Halford
Muirside Steading                 

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House Renovation Muirside steading House Renovation Muirside steading House Renovation Muirside steading House Renovation Muirside steading House Renovation Muirside steading House Renovation Muirside steading House Renovation Muirside steading House Renovation Muirside steading House Renovation Muirside steading
Farmhouse renovation Farmhouse renovation Farmhouse renovation

Project: Energy-Efficient, Larch-Clad Woodland Home

David built our energy-efficient, larch-clad woodland home in 7 months during 2015 and we are delighted with the result. Working with David and his team was a pleasure and we really appreciated their conscientious and professional approach to the project.

David’s eye for detail paid us dividends as he was able to pre-empt and resolve potential issues thus preventing them turning into problems. Our build was relaxed and enjoyable, on time and on budget, and as a result we cannot rate David and his team highly enough.

Kevin Grant & Lisa Miele

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Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn
Farmhouse renovation Farmhouse renovation

Project: Full renovation of Dolphin Cottage, Findhorn

David McGillivray and his team renovated our tumble-down, 300y old Cottage with an eye for detail and to an extremely high standard.

He dealt with all the surprises he came across during this challenging project in an efficient and professional way whilst not forgetting about the character of this historic cottage.

We are very pleased to now have a stunning combination of historic heritage and modern luxury. David can be highly recommended and we have already contacted him for our next project...

Isabel & Alexander Sarafiant
Dolphin Cottage Findhorn     

FMB Award 2017

More project images Dolphin Cottage

Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn Dolphin Cottage Findhorn
Farmhouse renovation Farmhouse renovation Farmhouse renovation

Project: Findhorn Village Heritage - Archive Store

We are extremely pleased with our recently constructed building.

From the outset we found David MacGillivray and his team easy to work with. His meticulously detailed tender made it extremely obvious that he had thoroughly researched the materials required.

Our building was completed on time and within budget and the workmanship was of an extremely high standard throughout. This company will certainly be on our shortlist for any future project.

Tim Negus                 
Findhorn Village Heritage Chairman

Findhorn Village Heritage - Archive Store Findhorn Village Heritage - Archive Store

Project: 1880s Farmhouse renovation – Muirside Farm

Challenge - renovate a substantial, stone-built 1880s farmhouse largely untouched since the 1950s to meet more efficient, comfortable living standards. House accommodation comprised; kitchen, shower room, 3 public rooms, 5 bedrooms, box room, bathroom, pantry, storage room.

Construction - The house is traditional stone construction, with wooden framing, lathe and plaster walls and slate tiles. Key to the renovation was to maintain the traditional external Scottish architecture and interior features while updating the services and living spaces to meet modern living standards.

Issues - the existing layout had one bathroom on the half-stair, which was also used as a hallway to a bedroom. The "extension" rooms had low ceilings and were used primarily for storage. The kitchen was small and dark. The house was cold and damp throughout with a variety of different windows from original sash windows to 1980s PVC double glazing.

Renovation – The layout was redesigned to provide for a larger open-plan kitchen/dining room. An upper floor bedroom was split to create two bathrooms (one en-suite). The ceilings in the "extension" were removed to expose the solid wood beams as a feature. The existing bathroom and adjoining rooms were redesigned to provide for a bedroom, bathroom and sitting room. All wiring, plumbing and heating systems were removed and renewed. Substantial insulation was provided, without impacting the internal features. All windows were replaced with wooden framed, double glazing, to provide consistency and insulation throughout the house. The plans and supervision was provided by Mantilla Home Design and all building, joinery and construction by MacGillivray Construction.

Result - The accommodation now comprises; spacious open plan kitchen dining room, sitting room, office, toilet, pantry, mudroom, laundry and utility room, and upstairs; four bedrooms, three bathrooms, box room and a small sitting area.

Extensive work on repairing and conserving the original features, materials, cornices, ceilings, exposed original wooden beams, use of wood on window sills, replacement of all windows into wooden ones, stripping and refinishing the wooden floors, renovation of the original fireplaces found behind the walls and complimenting use of antique and modern lighting has been an imaginative adaptation of the past to enhance the future.

Bernardo Mantilla       
Architect - Matilla Home Design

More project images Mantilla Home Design

Farmhouse renovation Farmhouse renovation Farmhouse renovation

Project: Thermal Efficiency & External Appearance

David MacGillivray carried out some works on my house in 2012 with the objective of improving thermal efficiency and external appearance. He replaced the roof tiles, fascias and guttering, fitted double glazed windows and doors and installed a modern type of external wall insulation and render.

He suggested and sourced appropriate materials and impressed me with his attention to detail and conscientious approach. The house is now very much improved in both appearance and thermal performance. I would feel confident of Mr MacGillivray’s advice and services for any future project.

Graham Normand

Project: Garden Studio

Client: Vanessa Stuart

I employed David MacGillivray in the summer of 2007 to build a Garden Studio
for me.

The premises is a delight to work in and the workmanship is fantastic. David was hard working and tidy throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Vanessa Stuart

Project: Transformation

Client: Mark Witham

The quality of workmanship was excellent and all with a friendly and quick service at great value. A credit to the building trade.

Mark Witham

Project: Conversion & External Insulation

Organized and tidy with an attitude to work to match. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome. Highly recommended.

Roland & Ina Donat

Project: Eco Home Extension

Client: Simon Richards

I employed David MacGillivray to double the size of my home with a high quality ecological extension.

The job was finished precisely on time and budget, the quality of workmanshipis exemplary and the client contractor dialogue courteous, clear and creative.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending David, who is capable of delivering custom quality joinery on time and on budget.

Simon Richards - Architect

Project: Ceramic Artist Studio

Client: Lotte Glob

David was to build an architect designed studio for me on the North coast of Sutherland.

I was delighted with the work he did and the finish he achieved. He communicated with the architect and worked well with the other trades. The finished result was to a very high standard that satisfied both myself and the architect - Well Done!

Lotte Glob